Christina Grimmie: Compare Me To Christina Aguilera Or Rebecca Black

'They can compare me to whoever ... Batman!' Selena Gomez's tourmate declares.

[article id="1665684"]YouTube sensation Christina Grimmie[/article] is having a big summer so far. The self-proclaimed "rocker chick" with the dance-pop sound just dropped her debut EP, Find Me, on Tuesday, and it's currently #3 on the iTunes charts. Her close pal [article id="1665703"]Selena Gomez is back[/article] on her feet after a brief hospital scare. And she is scheduled to hit the road next month with Selena Gomez & The Scene and All Star Weekend.

The up-and-coming pop star doesn't just credit her managers (Gomez's parents), Mandy and Brian Teefey, for her newfound fame. She also knows she owes a lot of her success to her YouTube channel. Grimmie's videos have been viewed more than 142 million times by fans eager to see the 17-year-old's reworked covers of current pop songs.

"It started out for fun," Grimmie said about posting videos. "Even though singing is what I want to do, I started out like, 'Hey, lets try this out' kind of thing, and then it just grew into something bigger, and that's why I'm here."

Of course, YouTube has also been a career starting point for a few other newbies on the scene, like Justin Bieber and divisive singer Rebecca Black, who gained notoriety with her infectious "Friday." How does Grimmie feel about being compared to Black?

"Comparisons are comparisons, and they're gonna happen." Grimmie said. "If you want to compare me to Rebecca Black, go ahead. I'm sure she's a great girl. I don't know her, but you know comparisons happen. ... They can compare me to whoever ... Batman! That would be great."

And, since starting out, she's also gotten a super-flattering comparison.

"I've gotten compared to Christina Aguilera," she laughed, "which feels good, because I love her so much!"