Nick Jonas Covers Rebecca Black's 'Friday'

So, apparently, everyone in the world knows who Rebecca Black is now, including the Jonas Brothers. In less than three weeks, Rebecca Black's song "Friday" has received nearly 30 million hits on YouTube, entered the iTunes Top 100 and continued to remain a trending topic on Twitter. The 13-year-old singer's gone from the back corners of the Internet to viral fame as an online meme to part of the national conversation, showing up in interviews on "Good Morning America" and The Daily Beast.

It turns out Nick Jonas and his brothers are fans of Rebecca Black too. On Sunday night, at the Concert for Hope in Los Angeles, Nick got behind the piano, hitting us with those familiar lyrics that have become so well-known that the audience literally shouted back in a call-and-response set as he turned Rebecca Black's AutoTuned "Friday" into a soft, sweet, syrupy ballad (that we would immediately buy if it ever becomes available). WE SO ESSITED!

+ Watch Nick Jonas cover Rebecca Black's "Friday."