Top 'TRL' Video Cameos: Ali G Shows Madonna The Real Big Ben!

You thought you were cool for dressing up like Ali G for Halloween 2005? Dewd, whatevs. Madonna put Sasha Baron Cohen, in full Ali G regalia, in her "Music" video -- the same video that featured a then-pregnant (with Rocco) Madonna cavorting with strippers -- way back in 2000.

The video only made it to #10 on today's TRL countdown of the top 10 videos with celebrity cameos, but any video that features both a phallic reference to Big Ben and Ali G calling Madonna's boobs "Babylons" to her face certainly wins my respek.

+ Watch Madonna's "Music" video, watch Sasha Baron Cohen and Will Farrell suck face after the jump, and check out the rest of the videos on today's countdown. AND don't forget: Total Finale Live (tears!) is this Sunday, November 16 at 8pm ET! Weepies!