Christy Carlson Romano Answers Your Lingering 'Even Stevens' Questions

Plus, the former Disney star hints at an "Even Stevens" reunion!

It's been 15 years since "Even Stevens" premiered on the Disney Channel. Back then, Christy Carlson Romano was our ultimate TV BFF. Smart, talented and admirable, Romano was the channel's first true star, appearing in "Even Stevens," "Kim Possible" and the beloved DCOM, "Cadet Kelly," with fellow Disney It-girl Hilary Duff.

Where is overachieving, perfectionist Ren Stevens now? Did Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable live happily ever after with Rufus? Romano took to Facebook last night to answer all of your lingering questions -- and trust us, her responses are going to make you very nostalgic for 2000. Here's the sitch:

  1. First of all, her favorite episode of "Kim Possible" is a CLASSIC.

    "The one where Kim and Ron switch bodies," she said. It's like she has ESPN or something because that's totally our favorite episode, too!

  2. You can probably guess her favorite episode of "Even Stevens."

    Sadly, it's not "The Secret Life of Girls," which introduced us to the weirdo next door, Beans. Instead, Romano -- who starred as Belle in Broadway's "Beauty And the Beast" -- chose "Influenza: The Musical" as her all-time fave. If you just started singing "we went to the moon in 1969..." then you know exactly what she's talking about.

    Oh, and she also loved the Halloween episode "where I had to act like Maleficent."

  3. Shia was a total prankster on set.
    Disney Channel

    "I put fart machine under Shia's chair during a close up when he became a freshman in HS to haze him but them him and his Dad retaliated and Teepeed my dressing room," she revealed. "So joke was on me!!!!" Aww. Now we're nostalgic for bb Shia LeBeouf.

  4. She thinks Kim and Ron lived happily ever after.

    Because Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable are soulmates, duh. "KP and Ron have 2 kids and live in Upperton after wise investments in Bueno Nacho," Romano said. But what happened to Rufus?!

  5. And Ren is pursuing a career in politics.

    "I think Ren would def be focused on her career in politics, don't you?" Romano said. "Maybe supporting the Hilary Clinton campaign??" We could totally see Ren as one of Clinton's advisors on the campaign trail. If she could handle Louis, then she could definitely handle politicians.

  6. Her favorite "Even Stevens" guest star might surprise you.

    "Phyllis Diller was my teacher for Track! She was amazing. We had great comedy legends on ES," she said. "Our writers made the show accessible to adults too."

  7. How does she feel about those Black Widow and Hawkeye comparisons?

    Are Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable really Black Widow and Hawkeye in disguise? Nah, not really. "KP and Ron are simply individuals!" Romano said. Sorry, shippers.

  8. And no, she didn't stay in touch with Hilary Duff.

    "Cadet Kelly" is one of our all-time favorite Disney Channel Original Movies, so this one stings a little. "She was a perfect lady. I liked her a lot," Romano said. "But we don't stay in touch. I think she comes from good stock." Well, at least she confirmed what we've known all along about The Duff: she's just as cool IRL as she is onscreen.

  9. She's totally down for an "Even Stevens" reunion!!!
    Disney Channel

    Omg. Sound the alarm. Romano really wants an "Even Stevens" reunion -- and she already has the perfect idea for one. "Of course I would!!!" she responded when asked about a potential reunion. "Do you think Shia would do it? Recently I spoke with the guys at Robot Chicken via social media -- and they laughed at the idea of doing it in claymation. That kind of mirrors our opening sequence anyways..."


  10. Oh, and a Kim Possible reunion special might already be in the works.
    Disney Channel

    Romano and her "Kim Possible" costar Will Friedle will reunite at this year's Rhode Island Comic-Con, which is a HUGE deal because we have a sneaking suspicion that there's a "Kim Possible" surprise in the works. Why? Because Romano just revealed that she met with the show's creators! "I actually verrrrrrry recently saw Bob and Mark," she said. "But cannot say why..."

    Hmm. Sounds like a reunion special/reboot/revival to us! Call us -- or beep us, natch -- when you have the deets, Romano.