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Fetty Wap Might Have A Lot More Hits On The Way -- Listen To His Debut Album For Proof

Probably a lot.

Throughout 2015, Fetty Wap has been dropping hit after hit. After hit. After hit.

You know this, but let's recap quickly, just to be awed for a moment: Late last month, he became the first artist ever to have his first four singles crack the top ten in the Billboard Hot Rap Songs chart's 26-year history. That accomplishment was thanks to "Trap Queen," "My Way," "679" and "Again."

But what else does Fetty have up his sleeve? How many more hits is he capable of?

We're getting our first taste of the answer to those questions on Thursday (Sept. 24), thanks to a stream of the New Jersey rapper's self-titled debut album, which officially hits stores on Friday. With 20 tracks and almost an hour and 20 minutes of music, the album is jam-packed with new cuts from Fetty, plus all the ones you've been singing along to for months.

Rather than grabbing a bunch of big-name features -- which he definitely could have done -- Fetty steers the ship himself, only bringing along his home team Remy Boyz for help on a handful of tracks. He also brings the approach that fans have fallen in love with, blending catchy melodies with chant-style rhymes to deliver his signature sound.

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