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Matt Damon Reveals Just How Shirtless He'll Be For 'Bourne 5'

You're not gonna like this.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Lovers of Matt Damon's bare chest, fetch your smelling salts and grief blankies: the actor will be wearing a shirt for most of the new "Bourne" movie, despite what we may have been led to believe from that first on-set picture.

At Toronto International Film Festival in support of "The Martian," Damon broke the sadly clothed news to MTV News. (He was also wearing a shirt at the time.)

"No," he said when asked if he would be shirtless the entire movie. "Just that day of work was shirtless and then there's one other day I think in about a month that's shirtless. It's just where you find the character after."

Say it ain't so, Matt!

As for the Bourne" movies that didn't feature Damon, about Aaron Cross, Damon said not to worry about it.

"We don't get in the way of that story. That's a whole kind of other universe that can exist at the same. They co-exist," he said.