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Kellan Lutz’s New Workout Pics Prove He’s More Extreme Than You’ll Ever Be

Handstands on the side of a cliff? Just another casual day for Kellan.

We have a very important issue to discuss today, people. And that is the little matter of Kellan Lutz and his utterly insane, adrenaline-fueled workouts.

See, the 30-year-old “Twilight” alum is a noted adventure junkie who lives by YOLO-like mottos like this:

And we love him for that! His constant travel and workout pics are super motivating and exciting (and might even give us a little glimpse at what life as his “wifey” would be like).

But someone needs to tell Kellan that we’re getting a little worried. Because his latest workout snaps are enough to make your stomach turn.

The actor is currently in Sydney, Australia shooting the upcoming sci-fi action flick “SFv1.” And while he’s Down Under, he’s apparently taking some time to check out the country’s beautiful coast, as evidenced by his recent workout sesh in Palm Beach.

But this wasn’t just any workout. Nope, our boy Kellan decided it would be a rad idea to casually do a handstand on the side of a cliff. And then hang off the underside of a rock jutting out over the coast. And then put all his bodyweight on his hands on said tiny cliff.

“I was able to fit in a quick workout while we were exploring these cliffs,” the extreme exerciser captioned the snap. “I did 20 push ups & 20 pull ups, but don't try this workout at home. Man, Palm Beach is stunning! #WorkoutWednesday.”

So. Yeah. Don’t know about you, but that’s enough to make us want to reach through our screen, latch onto Kellan, and never let him near another cliff again.

But ultimately, this is just par for the course for Kellan, who’s also the host of Fox’s extreme reality competition show, “Bullseye.” He’s apparently always down for a thrill, so we should probably just let him live and exercise as crazily as he chooses. Just be careful, Kel!