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KXNG Crooked Opens Up About Suicide And Alcohol Abuse In ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’ Video

Crook tells us how he's overcome life's dark moments.

Many people unfortunately struggle with suicidal thoughts and alcohol abuse. Slaughterhouse's KXNG Crooked -- the Long Beach rapper formerly known as Crooked I -- raps about those serious issues on "Don't Close Your Eyes (Ashamed)," a video that's premiering exclusively on MTV News on Thursday (August 27).

"I've been in several dark places in my life," Crooked told us ahead of the video's release. "Betrayed by those closest to me or feelings of hopelessness in situations I can't control or even others trying to remove me from this earth...It takes its toll."

Thankfully, Crook was able to overcome those dark times. "I have to rise above and keep moving forward for myself and my loved ones," he said. "I like to meditate and read a lot so that helps. Music is my ultimate medicine, though."

While he's battled alcohol abuse on and off for years, Crook added that he's been drinking nothing but kale juice recently. "I'm involved in a few very serious business ventures so I had to put that demon down and focus on what matters," he said. "M.O.B. That's money over bottles."

"Don't Close Your Eyes (Ashamed)" is a single off producer Jonathan Hay's upcoming The Urban Hitchcock LP, set for release later this year. Meanwhile, Crooked his fellow Slaughterhouse members are crafting their Glass House LP.

If you or anyone you know is dealing with depression and/or considering suicide, it’s extremely important to tell a parent, teacher or counselor, or call (800) 273-TALK and visit