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Does This 'Outlander' Casting Reveal A Major Change From The Books?

Brianna meets world.

Major spoilers from the "Outlander" book series lie ahead!

If you're as in love with "Outlander" as we are -- the TV show, and the Diana Gabaldon book series it was based on -- then you're well aware of the jarring time jump that goes down at the beginning of book two, "Dragonfly in Amber." The book abruptly (albeit briefly) abandons the action in 1744 and jumps forward to 1968, revealing that Claire (Caitroina Balfe) left the past after the Jacobite uprising, with her daughter, Brianna, in tow. She returns at that time to Scotland to research what happened to Jamie after the Battle of Culloden, after having raised Brianna for 20 whole years in Boston, letting the girl think she was Frank's (Tobias Menzies) daughter.

According to TVLine, a casting call for season two reveals that Brianna is joining the action -- but with some major changes. She'll still be "strong-minded, intelligent beyond her years with an effortless charm and sparkling sense of humor, with a "scholastic mindset" and "a healthy dose of American strength" that came from living in Boston with Claire and Frank, but it seems like "Outlander" will jump forward a bit to book four, "Drums of Autumn," as the casting call also states that “Brianna has secretly followed her mother back in time to find the father she never met and the family she never knew."

Obviously this is a major shake-up from the page, as Gabaldon's novel (and the third book in the series, "Voyager") spends a good deal of time in 1968. We're excited to see what this means for the series, but also immensely curious to see how Balfe and Sam Heughan look in old(er) age makeup.

What do you ken of that, Claire?