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50 Cent And French Montana Are Dissing Each Other Again -- Over Vodka

Effen vs. Ciroc.

50 Cent and French Montana first exchanged shots publicly a few years back, with claims that French was a former cameraman for 50 and subsequent challenges about shared album release dates.

And it looks like they haven't quite resolved their differences yet. Over the weekend, the two were back at it -- this time, over vodka affiliations.

50 has been pushing his own brand of alcohol, Effen Vodka, closing every tweet and Instagram caption with "#EFFENVODKA." He's trying to gain some of the market share controlled by Diddy's Ciroc, which the mogul has been pushing for nearly a decade. And because of his affiliations with Puff, French -- who's signed to Bad Boy -- is a proud #CirocBoy.

OK, got it?

Good. So, here's where we're at now.

In an Instagram video posted on the account of DJ Spinking (whose promotes Effen Vodka in his bio), French shouted out 50's drink: "That sh-t kinda watered down," he said, "but I love it."

Fif then reposted the clip, adding his own caption, and continuing to add fuel to a (seemingly friendly) ongoing war of words between he and Diddy. "French Montana is down with us it's the unit," he wrote. "?#EFFENVODKA #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO puffy tried to set him up,where his check at? The real money puff we street not stupid. ?"

Maybe that first video didn't tell the whole story, though. French caught wind of 50's repost, and uploaded a video to his own account -- which shows him throwing a number of bottles of Effen into the trash. "This what I feel about your bullsh-t effen vodka," he heckled.

Rather than be upset, though, Fif took it as an opportunity to hit us with some of his classic mockery, as he acted out the call that Puff gave French (as he imagined it, anyways) after the initial endorsement of Effen.

?LMAO puffy send them for cheese cake, the whole crew soft ? Damn #EFFENVODKA #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO

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The beef veteran wasn't done, of course. He then posted a meme of French, followed by a repost of a shirtless photo of Diddy that the Bad Boy CEO uploaded onto his own account. "He is doing this for NEW YORK, I have nothing to do with this I swear," 50 wrote -- acknowledging the caption on the original photo where Puff wrote, "this 1 is for #HARLEM."

Then, last night, French hit back one more time. "Shout out to the Dunkey #50cent ‼️ You know nobody f--k with that effen vodka over here #cirocboys #onehellofnighttour #livefromct #yourhometown #dunkeyoftheday," he wrote, accompanied by a video where he poked at 50 while onstage at a concert.

It's your move, 50. And if there's one thing we can count on, it's that he's probably going to respond. After all, he is the ultimate Internet troll.