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Joshua Jackson Just Live-Tweeted 'The Mighty Ducks' And Called For A New Sequel

Commence the Flying V formation, kids.

Tonight, the NHL coordinated a Twitter-based watch-along for "The Mighty Ducks" using the hashtag #NHLMovieNight, just for funzies, and brought along a very special guest: little Charlie Conway himself, Joshua Jackson!

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Yep, Jackson jumped right on into the re-watching festivities and pretty much spent the whole damn time kicking us right in the nostalgic feel spot with his adorable running commentary. Not to mention, he also kinda suggested a new round of puckery which would be soooo good right now.

First, he ushered the show in with this classic call to properly rally the whole team.

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The idea was for everyone to push play at the same time on their VHS copies of 1992 kids' classic and then tweet away with the running commentary. Josh's presence was a feather in this campaign's cap, so to speak.

He then had a little fun with the outdated hairstyles on display because yes and WOW.

He also tried to convince everyone that his real-life GF Diane Kruger was totally jealous of his teenage game. Sure.

Naturally, there was a brief moment of GROAN involved for Josh in this re-viewing -- but hey, at least he can watch his own movies unlike some actors.

He also totally stands by his decision to be the bigger boy back when (YOU know the scene).

And he kept it classy when commenting on the competition.

Finally, Josh closed it out with this call for "a new generation of Ducks" which is now a MUST. Bring it in, team!

We can see him now as Coach Charlie Conway getting the peewee team back together with a guest spot from his mentor Gordon Bombay, of course. [Cue the intense hockey stick serenade to summon the squad.] Quack attack!

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