5 'Scream'-Inspired Tips To Help You Survive Your Everyday Murder Spree

Hey, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

By now, we've seen enough episodes of "Scream" to notice some patterns. More than once, we've found ourselves shouting at the TV, "Don't go out there alone!" "Don't respond to that text!" "Just go back home, get in bed and pull the covers over your head!"

Throughout the series, several mistakes have proven fatal -- or damn close to it -- and we've decided that Emma and her pals should learn from their errors. Read on for the five things Lakewood's residents shouldn't do -- and take notes in the (hopefully) unlikely event that you're ever stalked by a masked serial killer too:

  1. Don't be part of the 'in' crowd.

    From the moment we saw her walking around her opulent, tricked-out house, we knew Nina was Queen Bee. Then she ended up gutted like a fish. Before long, Riley, one of Nina’s minions, was left for dead at the police station. Then there was that student-made poll asking which popular girl should die next, with Brooke as one of the choices. It all kind of makes being in the "in" crowd not so desirable, huh?

  2. Don't trust technology.

    Oh, Riley. Remember when she received text messages that were supposedly from Tyler? They totally weren't, but she fell for the killer's ploy. And when there's a madman on the loose who seems to have an incredible grasp of technology, you shouldn't trust any SMS. Even if it appears to be from a friend, it's probably not.

  3. Don't engage in criminal activity.

    It's no secret that Will was involved in some shady dealings (blackmail, anyone?). Unfortunately, when he tried to make things right with Mayor Maddox, the situation ended in his beyond-gruesome death. The lesson here: It's best not to involve yourself with the negative element, because bad seems to attract bad.

  4. Don't visit creepy places.

    A lake associated with a notorious killer? An old, abandoned hospital? A broken-down bowling alley? Just say no, because stuff like this never turns out well.

  5. Never, EVER wander off alone.

    Listen to the expert on this one: As Noah said early on, don't venture off by yourself. Every character has wandered off on their own at one point or another, and whether it's ended in another murder or not, it never had a happy ending.

Do you have any other tips for the residents of Lakewood? Let us know in the comments -- and be sure to catch this week's sure-to-be-scream-worthy "Scream" tomorrow at 10/9c!