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If You Ever Felt Counted Out, Maino Has A New Rap Anthem For You

Maino's 'Harder Than Them' leads his King of Brooklyn 3 mixtape.

Have you ever felt counted out or that you weren't getting your just due? Maino understands your plight. The veteran rapper beat the odds in the early 2000s after coming home from prison and firmly planting his feet in the rap game.

Back in 2009, he inspired hip-hop fans and earned himself a platinum plaque when he teamed with T-Pain for his most famous and uplifting single, "All the Above." Now, Maino returned on Tuesday with a new mixtape (King of Brooklyn 3) and a new single "Harder Than Them."

Listen to Maino's King of Brooklyn 3 mixtape.

"I'm the underdog and being the underdog and coming from a dark place and a dark past all you have to rely on is you. All you can count on is digging deep enough in yourself and find the courage to face what you need to face," the New York MC told MTV News on Monday night, just hours before his tape dropped for free online.

On "Harder Than Them," Main delivers a war-chant that speaks to all of our competitive spirits.

"Who doesn't feel like they should do more? Whether you work in the boardroom or you in the streets or you're a ballplayer or an actor. Whatever it is that you do, you should feel like you're the best at it and you should go hard with what you do," he explained.

"It comes from that place of feeling like I gotta do more, I gotta get up off my ass because ain't nobody gonna do nothing for me. I gotta make it, I gotta win. This is champion music that I make."