11 Things I'm Pretty Sure I Know About Football From Watching 'Friday Night Lights'


I grew up in Eugene, Oregon, home of the University of Oregon's fighting Ducks. In recent years, the Ducks have been a formidable opponent in the PAC-12 football conference, making multiple bowl game appearances and garnering national attention for their quick starts and unusual uniform combinations.

Autzen Stadium is shouting distance from my childhood home (you can literally hear the roar of the crowd on game days), but that's not where I learned about football.

Nope, that's all on "Friday Night Lights."

I first encountered the show as a discounted DVD box set of the first season at a big box store. A sucker for a bargain and a vaguely familiar title, I bought it (listen, I'm an easy customer). Soon, I was sucked in. Who wouldn't love Street, Saracen, Coach (COAAAAAAACH), Mrs. Coach, and the gang?

As a result, I learned a few things about football. I think.

Can someone fact check these for me?

  1. When you throw the ball, it's very important to keep your eyes open.
  2. Clarity of eyes and fullness of heart is also VERY important to the sport.
  3. V. v. v. v. important to keep your head down when tackling.
  4. Bromance also v. important.
  5. Football just, like, works better in some places? I think?
  6. Being in touch with your feelings makes you a better QB.
  7. Inspirational speeches are essential to success in the game.
  8. The best policy is to only think as far as your next tackle.
  9. Gotta stay hydrated.
  10. If you touch the thing, your hands will be magic.
  11. If you don't have a slo-mo walk, you have nothing.