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Try Not To Cringe During This Painfully Awkward Cara Delevingne Interview

Pro tip: don't tell Cara to take a nap on live TV unless you want to see her killer death glare.

With “Paper Towns” finally out in theaters for our viewing/obsession pleasure, the movie’s cast is on their last leg of a worldwide promotional tour. While there have been some awesome gems from their recent interviews — like the cast telling us their “Pokémon” spirit animals — not every appearance has been quite so fun.

Case in point: leading lady Cara Delevingne appeared via satellite on “Good Day Sacramento” for a live interview on Tuesday morning (July 28), and things got real awkward, real fast. The model/actress/amateur beatboxer dodged questions from the tone-deaf morning anchors about her fatigue and so-called unenthusiastic demeanor, firing back with some fittingly sarcastic replies.

Warning: very high levels of awkwardness ahead.

Things got off to a rocky start after one of the anchors addressed her as “Carla,” and things only kept racing downhill from there. After belittling her commitment as an actress by asking if she even bothered to read “Paper Towns” (um, duh?), one of the anchors then asked if being so busy makes it easier for her to focus. Cara looked utterly bewildered as she replied, “No. I don’t know where that comes from.”

A third anchor then (regretfully) jumps in, asking Cara why she doesn’t seem enthusiastic to speak to them. “Are you just exhausted?” he wondered aloud, to which Cara insists she’s still excited but tired from the movie’s premiere the night before.

“You seem a bit irritated, perhaps it’s just us?” another anchor pressed on. “No,” Delevingne replied. “I think it’s just you.”

The whole interview/trainwreck is mercifully cut short when one of the anchors tells Cara, ”We’ll let you go then, how about that? We'll let you go and take a nap and maybe have a Red Bull." The 22-year-old wisely doesn’t respond to that, but the annoyed look on her face speaks volumes.

The most disturbing part of the whole ordeal might just be after Cara disappeared from the screen and the anchors continued to trash-talk her on the air. Immature much?