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Don’t Worry, Guys — It’s ‘All Love’ Between Diplo And Justin Bieber

The DJ posted a bro-mantic pic of him and JB to prove they're homies.

Currently trending among celebrities is being a jerk for the sake of your brand. Diplo, for instance, went semi-jerk mode on Justin Bieber in a recent Rolling Stone interview by calling the Biebs a "rich kid" who by occupational expectations "[has] to be a jerk."

Diplo went on to cite Kanye West as a world-class celebrity "prick," and explained how it's worked to his benefit. He even calls it the "Kanye West Theory," stating, "In 2015, become a prick and just get more popular." Later in the interview, Diplo says he's being lighthearted and his comments are merely jokes that people take seriously.

However, as predicted by Diplo himself, Twitter was quick to decontextualize his quotes. Beliebers soon started branding him a "hater," instead of remembering him as the producer who worked with Bieber on "Where Are Ü Now".

Diplo did let J-14's Twitter account have a piece of his mind, as reported by Inquisitr, accusing them of "clickbait" and "cheap journalism" (among other explicit words) after they insinuated he was beefing with Biebs.

That so-called beef is a non-issue though. Diplo posted the following pic on Instagram, accompanied by an explanation about how it's all good between him and JB.

"Just want to take a second to say @justinbieber is a homie and i respect him immensely," the DJ wrote. "its a shame that publications twist our words to turn it into click bait… if you want to read the full article head over to its all about the context..."

And Biebs responded by confirming the all-goodness of the situation on Twitter:

In other news: men in big hats is still a thing, perhaps more than ever.