Why Does Instagram Let You Write 'Fat F-ck' But Banned ‘Curvy'?

Who gets to decide which hashtags are banned and which ones aren't?

Websites and social media accounts often have lists of words they won’t let you use, and Instagram has put “#Curvy” on its banned list. This has body positive activists concerned, and some are saying it's censorship.

After Buzzfeed first reported on this, they added an update at the end of their post with the alleged reason behind the ban: “A spokesperson from Instagram said the hashtag #curvy is not searchable because, according to the company, it was being used to share images and videos that violated Instagram’s community guidelines around nudity.”

Other words like #nude and #sex are also banned on Instagram, but, as Buzzfeed points out, other body type words like #thin, #skinny #fat and #obese are not banned. #Fatpig and #fatf*ck (without the asterix) will still bring up results. #Penis is okay, as Time reports, and so is #clitoris. So what’s up with the seemingly arbitrary decision on #curvy? People on Twitter and Instagram are being pretty vocal about this.

And some people have decided to make their point by changing the spelling of the word "curvy" to "curvee."

Do my curves offend you, Instagram? #curvee

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What do you think? Should Instagram bring #Curvy back?