The 7 Most Disturbing (To Put It Mildly) Moments From This Week's 'Scream'

Hey, is that a severed head over there?

The entire population of Lakewood was spared on tonight's episode of "Scream" -- not one person became the killer's latest victim. But somehow, there was still enough blood and gore to keep us awake for the fourth Tuesday night in a row.

The terror unfolded when Emma, Audrey and Noah followed one of the masked murderer's clues and ended up at the now-abandoned hospital where Brandon James himself underwent all of his surgeries. There, the trio found what Noah immediately declared the "killer's lair."

"A lair is an extension of the killer's psychosis," he explained, listing Hannibal Lecter's kitchen and Kevin Spacey's apartment in "Se7en" as examples. "Every killer has one."

So what did they find in the madman's hideaway? A whole lotta creepiness that provided more than a few chill-inducing moments. Here are the top seven:

  1. Seriously, Audrey?

    When Emma kept referring to the killer as "he," Audrey pointed out that it could be a woman. "Well, it was a man's voice that called me," Em said. Audrey responded with the practical joke of the year: Using a voice-changer app on her phone, she asked in a menacing tone, "A voice like this?" Note to Audrey: That wasn't funny. At all.

  2. Damn that's good.

    Walking through a dark hallway, the girls found a thick trail of blood that led to an image etched in plasma -- an image of the killer's mask. This nutjob really knows how to scare the sh-t out of people, right?

  3. We'll have a BLT but hold the, umm, bacon.

    Just how disgusting was the sight of a giant slaughtered pig sprawled out on an operating table? So disgusting that Audrey swore off pork for good. That's all, folks!

  4. Some wallpaper might have been a better option. Perhaps floral.

    It wasn't exactly high-end decor: Plastered across the room were countless x-rays of Brandon James' body parts. Call us picky, but we're thinking this place won't be featured in Architectural Digest anytime soon.

  5. Who doesn't love to collect souvenirs?

    Turns out, the killer kept a memento from each of his victims: one of Rachel's figurines, Nina's necklace and Riley's keychain. But hey, wait -- what did he keep from Tyler?

  6. Arts & crafts aren't supposed to be menacing.

    Just call it the baby mobile from Hell: Hanging from the ceiling were high school pictures of all of Brandon James' victims -- plus one of Emma for good measure. "You're the star of the show," Audrey told her -- because, you know, she wanted to be comforting.

  7. Oh. THAT'S what he kept from Tyler.

    When the trio spotted one of the killer's masks sitting on a shelf, it seemed like a good idea to take it with them. It seemed like less of a good idea when they discovered it was covering Tyler's decapitated head. *Insert thud here*

Which moment gave you the willies? Sound off in the comments, then get ready for another episode of "Scream" on Tuesday at 10/9c!