'Scream' Rampage: 5 Reasons [Spoiler] Was Doomed From The Start

Poor thing never really stood a chance...

And now, a moment of silence for Riley.

Noah's main squeeze became the latest casualty on tonight's episode of "Scream," meeting her maker after a bloody rooftop butchering. But frankly, we weren't all that surprised. Billy Joel songs included, here are five reasons she was bound to become the killer's latest victim:

  1. She'd fallen in love.

    Good ol' Riley's relationship with Noah was really heating up -- they even came thisclose to doing the deed. And, judging by the history of great romances, that's sometimes a strong indicator that things are about to head south. Think Romeo and Juliet or Jack and Rose from "Titanic" -- but, like, with a serial killer and lots of blood.

  2. She had waaaay too much trust.

    When Riley got a desperate text that was supposedly from Tyler, she insisted he was innocent of the recent murder spree and vowed to help him. "He said he didn't do it, but he's afraid no one is going to believe him," she told her pals. Here's our problem with that: If you got a text from a guy who's been accused of brutally slaughtering his girlfriend and then killing two other innocent people -- all while terrorizing an entire town -- wouldn't you be a tiny bit wary? Just sayin'.

  3. She didn't listen to reason.

    So what did Emma think of Tyler's supposed call? "It's not him," she announced before explaining that she herself had been the victim of mysterious phone deception. "Someone has been calling and harassing me -- he's playing games with me. I promise, you cannot trust him." But Riley wouldn't listen. "I have no idea who's screwing with you," she told Emma, "but I know Tyler. He's afraid, and we need to hear him out." Sure, Riley. And how about you go take candy from a stranger while you're at it?

  4. At the very least, Riley agreed to participate in a police sting to nab Tyler after Sheriff Hudson proclaimed, "If he's innocent, this is his best chance to prove it." But when the operation failed, Riley got another text from "Tyler" -- asking her to meet him "out back." She fell for it yet again, leaving the safety of the police station and going to an empty parking lot. All alone. At night. While a serial killer was on the loose. Yeah, poor thing never stood a chance.

  5. She was "the good girl."

    After Brooke suddenly went MIA -- you know SHE'S not going to ignore a booty call -- Emma panicked and texted the killer, begging him not to hurt her friends. But, unbeknownst to Em, the madman still hadn't decided if Brooke would be his next victim. "Now you have to choose: the good girl or the bad girl," he SMS'd. Emma's reply: "Do NOT hurt Brooke." And with that, Riley's fate was sealed: Emma inadvertently chose to let the bad girl -- Brooke -- live. And the good girl -- Riley -- soon met her gruesome demise.

Tell us: Were you surprised by Riley's murder? And who do you think will be the killer's next victim? Sound off in the comments, and get ready to "Scream" again on Tuesday at 10/9c!