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Guys, Bryce Dallas Howard Can Cry On Cue About Anything

Even Home Depot took her to tears.

"Jurassic World" star Bryce Dallas Howard has a talent that tons of actors would -- well, we're not sure exactly what they might do for this ability, but we're guessing it'd be a lot. Because these are some serious skillz to pay the billz we're talking about.

See, Bryce can totally cry on command. And this is not some Joey Tribbiani tweezers-in-the-pocket-pinch fakery, either. She's the real deal.

"I think if we just start talking, at some point [it'll happen]," she told Conan on Wednesday (June 10) of the trick to teasing out her stage tears. "It could just be small talk, it doesn't matter."

And she proved her words true when she started legit bawling on cue as the host started rambling on and on about a shopping trip to Home Depot. That was somehow his idea of a story worth summoning the weepage. Seriously. And it was still a matter of mere seconds before she was a full-on waterworks display right there on the spot like that.


Talk about #Goals. She's good.