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These Tyler And Earl Quotes Tell Us More About Odd Future’s Status

Earl even has a message for some O.F. fans.

Tyler, The Creator shocked Odd Future fans everywhere on Wednesday night by unleashing a series of tweets that led us to believe OFWGKTA was "no more."

The rapper later said he was simply reminiscing about his past with old photographs, "thinking about how time flies." Despite that, fans have wondered about the state of the L.A.-based group.

On Thursday, Earl Sweatshirt shed some light on his stance regarding Odd Future with tweets of his own, seemingly backing up what Tyler originally said.

Perhaps there's more to the Odd Future story than what we've seen in these tweets. On Thursday, in light of speculations about Tyler's Twitter posts, The Fader released never-before published quotes from the rapper and his camp about the state of the group from their December/January cover story. Here's a look at what they said:

Tyler, The Creator

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"Everyone's on their own island," Tyler said at the time. "I want everyone to win, because everyone's path isn't mine. And that's what made me and my friends come together. Because we didn't have the same path. Everyone's path was different—that's why it was sick. You had all these different personalities, bro. That's what made everything tight.

"There's no beef with anyone," he added. "Just everyone's on their island. You know, I'm focusing on Golf Wang and shooting editorials, and geeking out on the f--king zipper of jackets. That's where I'm at, and then everyone else is on what they're doing. I just miss being at the studio and everyone there. That was fun. I talk to Syd here and there. Syd's tight. Syd's the best. You know, it's still me and Jasper. He slept over the other night -- no h--o. I was with Taco two nights ago -- still my n--ga. Nothing's really changed, just everyone be on their own sh-t now."

O.F. Member Syd Tha Kid

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"With us, it's a little bit more like a family," Syd said for the story. "Because you're not always going to like your cousin or your brother. You can beef and fight, but you can never split up, because you're family. We don't always get along with one another, but you know you can come back."

O.F. Manager Christian Clancy

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"The hardest part is all the different personalities," he said. "Not implying that they're at each other's throats. It's probably better that they aren't [together more], for that reason."

Whatever the status of the group might be, we can all agree that they've had some pretty awesome moments together, like in this 2011 interview.

Or this one, where they discussed bagels and Frank Ocean.

Will there be more moments like this? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.