We Ranked Every Death In The 'Hunger Games' Movies In Order Of Emotional Devastation

Still not over some of these.

Between the teens being forced to fight to the death, gladiator-style, on television; the nascent revolution resulting in bloodshed; and the strategic assassination by President Snow of anyone he doesn't like, the "Hunger Games" franchise is a place where the odds of staying alive are pretty much never in your favor.

Over the course of three movies, many, many characters have found this out the hard way (also known as the dead way.) But in a series with such a big body count, it goes without saying that some of these deaths have been harder to take than others.

Below, we rank every dead person in the "Hunger Games" films released so far -- "The Hunger Games," "Catching Fire," and "Mockingjay: Part 1" -- in reverse order of devastation, starting with the people we were pretty happy to say buh-bye to.

  1. The pack of Capitol Peacekeepers who were slaughtered by the nimble tree-climbers of District 7

    Nope, not even remotely upset by this bunch of jerks getting firebombed. FASCISTS.

  2. Marvel

    The only thing devastating about the death of Rue's killer is that it didn't last longer and include a scene where all his toenails were pulled out with pliers.

  3. Clove

    Not only did Clove try to kill our heroine, but she was a complete jerk about it. People who punctuate their murders with long, assy monologues get no sympathy here.

  4. Glimmer

    Never have I ever been so profoundly delighted to see someone killed by genetically modified bee monsters.

  5. Cato

    That tearful pre-death monologue acknowledging that he was just a pawn in the Games, too, made Cato slightly more sympathetic, but he still held a knife to Peeta's throat, and therefore had to die.

  6. Brutus

    If it had to be either Brutus or Peeta -- and it did -- we'll see Brutus die any day of the week.

  7. Gloss

    We're not exactly broken up over the death of the guy who killed Wiress.

  8. Cashmere

    We didn't really know Cashmere well enough to rejoice in her death, but her whole attitude sucked and she probably deserved it.

  9. The Dumb District 8 Tribute Who Made A Fire

    Not even Katniss could feel bad about this one.

  10. Assorted tributes killed in the HG opening bloodbath

    We're vaguely sorry these people died, but it's not like we ever really knew them.

  11. The Mockingjay protestors killed by Peacekeepers

    And while mass slaughter is never fun, at least they died for a noble cause.

  12. The mass island bloodbath the kicked off the Quarter Quell

    We'll mark this as slightly more tragic than the Cornucopia bloodbath at the 74th Hunger Games, just because none of these people should've been here.

  13. Foxface

    Poor, clever Foxface. At least she didn't suffer.

  14. The District 3 engineering whiz killed by his allies

    We feel surprisingly bad about this, probably because it's just a little too reminiscent of that time in 8th grade when we thought the cool kids wanted to be friends with us, but it turned out they just wanted to copy our homework/eat all our french fries/snap our neck like a small, dry twig.

  15. Chaff

    We didn't know Chaff very well, but he always seemed cheerful, and he'd already survived one Hunger Games. If nothing else, his death is sad for being meaningless and totally unfair.

  16. Katniss's dad

    Mr. Everdeen was a goner before the movies even began, but we still feel kinda bad about it, if only because Katniss does.

  17. Lady Morphling

    Such a noble sacrifice. *Sniff.*

  18. Wiress

    Not our favorite District 3 tribute (helloooo, Beetee), but it was still sad to see her die. You were a good egg, Wiress, even if you were a little bit... scrambled.

  19. Thresh

    Thresh was a good dude, and we're sorry he's dead. But since we never saw him die, we can also comfort ourselves with the possibility, however remote, that he actually fell through a trap door in the arena, escaped to a remote Caribbean island, and has been happily eating tilapia on a beach somewhere for the rest of the franchise.

  20. Seneca Crane

    How we're supposed to go on living in a world without that beautiful beard, we just, we can't, we cannot.

  21. Mags


  22. The hospital bombing

    The sheer volume of the horror puts this right up near the top of the list.

  23. Cinna

    [Gross sobbing.]

  24. The whistling, saluting old man from District 11

    Unsurprisingly, Katniss's reaction to this brutal, terrible death mirrors our own.

  25. Rue

    You monsters, we will never forgive you for this.