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MGK Opens Up About His Relationship With Amber Rose

The spotlight is a struggle.

There's something going on with Amber Rose and MGK, though we can't quite say what it is. Back in April the pair was photographed hugging in an airport and holding hands while walking down the street.

We asked Amber about whether or not she was dating Machine Gun Kelly when she walked the carpet for her new film "Sister Code" earlier this month and all she would say is that the two were "spending time together."

MGK went deeper when explaining the relationship to New York's "Ebro in the Morning" radio show on Hot 97 in an interview that was posted online on Wednesday, May 20. He didn't exactly say they were dating, but he did go on in length about being connected to a big celebrity and pretty much confirmed what we all knew.

"Everything was completely natural. It wasn't anything that I had expected or had planned or anything like that," he said of how he and Amber hooked up.

Rose often makes headlines and over the past year dominated entertainment news after her split with Wiz Khalifa, who she married in 2013. Kelly is mostly known for his music and being coupled with someone with such a high-profile isn't easy.

"When the universe throws things your way, or things happen, I'm one of those people that goes with it and I don't fight it. And I had no idea what came with that," he said. "I'd be a liar if I said it's not a struggle everyday coping with that fact that it is like one of the most anti-spotlight people ever and one of the most in-the-spotlight people ever."

Well, there's that.

On the music side of things, MGK released a video for his new song "A Little More" on Monday.

The vid delivers an intense commentary on society after a young woman commits suicide by cutting her wrists in the middle of the street. Instead of helping her, everyone in the video just pulls out their cellphones.

“It’s basically what the world looks like through my eyes, and it’s a bunch of jabs at things going on in society,” Kells told MTV News last week about the video. “After she is dying in the middle of the street, you’re paying so much attention to her, you expect the people around you to have called help, and then you look up, just to reveal that everyone is like this with their cell phones.”