Peter Dinklage Slays With This Musical Eulogy For Dead 'Game Of Thrones' Characters

R.I.P., like, 95% of Season 1.

If there's anything "Game of Thrones" fans have come to know all too well over the last five seasons, it's that no character is safe.

Well, except for Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage).

See, Tyrion's got the record for most episode appearances of any character on the show (46 for 46 and counting), which is a real feat considering he's pissed off loads of ordinarily blood-thirsty individuals throughout. A Westerosian version of hiding in plain sight, perhaps?

At any rate, Dinklage decided to have a little fun with his permanent status -- in the form of a character eulogy song. Yes.

The actor teamed up with Coldplay to create a harmonic homage (sort of) to all the characters who've gotten the axe throughout the series in support of Red Nose Day, NBC's live fundraising campaign to combat poverty.

Brace for an onslaught of sung spoilers, obviously.

Now, that's a tune we'd be OK with getting stuck in our heads.

And in case you need them, here are the full lyrics to this hilariously morbid beat:

Still going strong [He's still going strong]

yeah, yeah [He's still going strong]

Remember Ned Stark, he was a lot of fun. [So fun]

But he didn't make it past Season One [Oh no]

Robert Baratheon was part of that crew

But he never made it to Season Two

The King of the North was cool, you see [So cool]

Another favorite that ended up dead [He's dead]

You thought that Joffrey had to survive

He ain't in the credits for Season Five [Season Five]

Baby, you know I'm the man for all seasons

Characters get cut for various reasons [Ow ow]

Some people's parts just ain't that long

But not me [Not me, not me, not me]

I'm still going strong [He's still going strong]

Red Nose Day airs live on NBC on Thursday (May 21) from 8-11 p.m. EST.