So Not Fetch: Aaron Samuels Says We Should Stop Trying To Make A 'Mean Girls' Reunion Happen

When did he become a Plastic?!

Aaron Samuels, why must you break our hearts?

Jonathan Bennett, destroyer of dreams, has officially nixed the idea of a "Mean Girls" reunion. When asked about the possibility of reuniting with Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams and the rest of the excellent cast of the cult hit, Bennett said, "I don't give a f--k, no."

"No more Mean Girls reunions!" he told Us Weekly at the Reality TV Awards. "If anyone asks me one more time if there's going to be a 'Mean Girls' reunion, I'm going to kill someone," he added. "No! There’s not going to be a 'Mean Girls' reunion! Stop trying to make it happen! It's not going to happen!"

But, but, but... why?


Tell us how you really feel, buddy. To be fair, Bennett has been fielding these questions for over a decade, so we understand why he's #overit. But that doesn't mean we're not adding him to our burn book right now.

Who said Aaron Samuels would even need to return for a reunion? Last year, Lohan told EW she's down for a sequel. "Why can't we do a sequel? Of us all grown up," Lohan said. "To work with everyone involved in Mean Girls again would be an honor. It was such a good experience. I think it would be really cool."

Hey, Tina Fey, it would be so fetch if we could make this happen.