Watch Rebel Wilson And Jimmy Fallon Fail Hilariously At Lip Reading

It's definitely something about balls.

Rebel Wilson's pantheon of skills include horizontal running, mermaid dancing, and hurling her shoes at Bryan Cranston's head with dead-on-balls accuracy.

But as evidenced by this video from her Wednesday (May 13) appearance on "The Tonight Show," the actress's talents don't extend to lip reading... except under very particular circumstances.

Rebel, who was on the show to promote the upcoming release of "Pitch Perfect 2," paused in talking about the movie to play Jimmy Fallon's "Whisper Challenge." (Picture a game of "Telephone" with just two participants, and you'll have the general idea.)

The first two rounds were a struggle for both contestants, and at first, the game looked like a complete failure -- until Rebel won a sudden, decisive victory when it turned out that no, she can't read lips, unless you're saying "Wiz Khalifa," in which case she can read the hell out of them.