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'Ex Machina' Star Alicia Vikander Stans Oscar Isaac's 'F--king Awesome' Dance Movies

Also, find out how she nailed playing a non-robotic robot.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

There are many standout moments in Alex Garland's sci-fi thriller "Ex Machina," and certainly one of the most joyful comes when upcoming "Star Wars" star Oscar Isaac does a bizarre, choreographed dance routine with one of his character's creations... something that his main robotic creation in the film, played by Alicia Vikander, found to be just a little bit depressing.

"I think it's f--king awesome," Vikander, who trained at the Royal Swedish Ballet School for nine years, told MTV News, before adding that her restrictive robot suit stopped her from even enjoying the magic on set.

"I mean, I was just so sad," she continued. "I tried to do my boogie while watching them... it was a great suit for dance, with my bald head."

Though of course, getting the opportunity to play her game-changing, ambiguously motivated A.I. character, Ava, made the whole experience worthwhile. Vikander also said that, in order to nail playing a very un-robotic robot, she had to forget about all of the movie and TV tropes she'd seen before.

"Being that [Isaac's character] created an enhanced AI -- it's one of a kind, it's the first one being made -- I think I just tried to not think so much about what I'd seen before," Vikander explained. "You're always inspired; your imagination starts from somewhere -- but I wanted to find a new physicality, something very pure... it helped that Alex tried to remind me all of the time that she wants to be a girl. That she should be a girl. To not fall into the trap of trying to do anything too robotic, I think that works -- it's the glitches in between that makes people question her. That makes her more interesting than actually playing out that she is a machine, because we see that."