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Juvenile Drops, Mardi Gras 2, His First Release Since Returning To Cash Money

Juvie gathers the team for his new mixtape.

Juvenile is back on Cash Money Records, and that means he's got plenty of music to share this year. He has a solo album lined up for a 2015 release, but first up is his Mardi Gras 2 mixtape, which was released on Monday, Mar. 30.

The 20-track mixtape includes features from Future, Birdman Mannie Fresh and other recognizable names, but there are a few newcomers you might not be as familiar with. Many of them are fellow New Orleans rappers, including Juvie's son, BG’s son and Magnolia Slim’s son.

Juvie recently told MTV News that there is some pressure on him now that he's back with Cash Money, but he's not sweating it too much.

“[There are] definitely expectations. I expect everybody to have expectations and the label to have expectations -- so I’m not saying I have to top anybody or compete but I am gonna compete with everybody and try to top everybody, it’s just the nature of this business," he explained.

Watch the full interview and stream Mardi Gras 2 above.