We Wish This Destiny's Child Reunion Was Longer Than One Song

These ladies are fire.

Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams surprised attendees when they appeared together at the 2015 Stellar Gospel Music Awards last night (March 28) in Las Vegas. The trio staged their Destiny's Child reunion by singing Williams' "Say Yes."

Williams' single, released last May, features Beyoncé and Rowland (we were all over their adorable music video for the song), but neither Williams nor Destiny's Child was scheduled to appear at the Stellar Awards – making their performance a genuinely delightful shock to everyone involved.

The ceremony won't air until April 5, but crowd-sourced pieces of the concert are all over Instagram – and as expected, their performance was nothing less than...well...stellar. Here are just a few snippets:

That Beyoncé hair flip, tho.