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17 Times Jennifer Lawrence And Bradley Cooper Embodied Relationship Goals

Get more perfect.

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper aren't dating, but that doesn't mean we can't look to their BFF chemistry -- on-screen and off -- to make our list of #relationshipgoals. The duo have co-starred in numerous movies together, most recently in this week's "Serena," and have that whole work-spouse thing down pat.

Ahead, 17 goals we have after mooning over Brad and Jen.

  1. Goal: Be able to say so much with just a look.
  2. Goal: Tell each other like it is.
  3. Goal: Give credit where credit's due.
  4. Goal: Recognize that teamwork makes the dream work.
  5. Goal: Know that you can always tell the other person how you're feeling.
  6. Goal: Show an interest in the parts of their life that don't involve you.
  7. Goal: Always have time to give the secret handshake.
  8. Goal: Introduce one another to new things.
  9. Goal: Dance like no one's watching.
  10. Goal: Realize that celebrating is more fun as a group.
  11. Goal: Respect the value of witty repartee.
  12. Goal: Make each other laugh.
  13. Goal: Make spending time together a priority.
  14. Goal: Recognize one another's strengths and weaknesses.
  15. Goal: Know what the other person is thinking by looking at them.
  16. Goal: Never back down from a staring contest.
  17. Goal: Keep a sense of humor about each other.