If You Need Me, I'll Be Watching This Video Of Zayn For The Next 24 Hours

It's been an emotional day for the One Direction faithful.

The year was 2012. It was the eve of the MTV Video Music Awards, and we were blessed with the following video of Zayn Malik.

He doesn't sing in the clip -- he doesn't even speak. He just walks towards the camera, making eye contact every now and then only to look away sheepishly, as One Direction's "One Thing" plays in the background.

In a word: yas.

In nine words: it's the most beautiful 57 seconds of your life.

Zayn might have left One Direction earlier today, but we will always have these 57 seconds -- and also those, um, five magical years of 1D memories. Maybe I'm in a weird snake pit of feelings because this post is the last thing I'll ever write for MTV News, but this video of Zayn has really helped me find comfort in the chaos. I hope it can do the same for you.