Why Watch The Whole Movie When This Supercut Of Opening And Closing Shots Can Blow You Away?

Then you'll want to watch the whole thing anyway, actually.

Movies, like life, are full of beginnings and endings. For a reel to reel you in, the opening shot needs to be memorable, and we all know that a closing shot needs to stick with you long after the credits roll if you're going to remember the movie favorably.

So why bother watching what's in the middle? This gorgeous supercut contrasts the opening and closing shots of your favorite movies, from "Gone Girl" ("What have we done to each other?") to the black-and-white contrast of "Black Swan" ("I was perfect").

Go ahead and watch, then set aside the next several days to watch the movies that make you go, "oh yeah, I wanted to watch that again!" Because, we promise, there'll be a ton of those after this supercut.