Now You Can Get Ready In The Morning With Anderson .Paak And Justin Timberlake

The pair help Anna Kendrick get excited in their 'Don't Slack' video

Anderson .Paak and Justin Timberlake have released a new video for their absurdly feel-good track, "Don't Slack," that'll appear in the forthcoming Trolls World Tour movie and on its soundtrack. Anna Kendrick appears in the visual and gets happily haunted by the two cheery imaginary guys, eventually making her be just as excited for the day as they are. If you're watching this from your bed, you'll want to get up.

Kendrick wakes up and gets a couple of texts before getting her dental floss out. Ugh. It's time to get started with a long and boring day. That's before it turns into a great one when .Paak pops up in her flower to carol "Don't Slack" to her with a bouquet of fresh flowers to turn her frown upside down. When she gets startled at .Paak's performance, she wanders outside and sees Timberlake singing to her as his legs dance faster than the speed of light. Clearly, she's tripping out.

She heads to the kitchen to get something to drink and when she opens the fridge, she sees .Paak inside singing who then hands her a fresh, lemon-squeezed cup of juice. When she turns around, she sees Timberlake sitting in a comfy set of pajamas, trying to get her attention.

Leaving the kitchen, she wanders into her living room where Timberlake and .Paak are dressed in snazzy suits while they're performing. Finally convinced of what they're singing about, she begins to jump around in excitement, finally with the energy to get going with her day. It ends with her smiling from ear to ear.

"Don't Slack" is the second single released from the Trolls World Tour soundtrack after "The Other Side" by SZA and Timberlake that dropped in February. The latter song, about appreciating what you have because life will get better in due time, came with a glittery visual featuring futuristic landscapes made of silver. The entire soundtrack came out last month and it features appearances from James Corden, Mary J. Blige, and more.

Trolls World Tour is set to come out on April 10 in theaters. Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, it'll also be available as a digital rental on the same day.

Check out the "Don't Slack" video up above.