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Are Justin Bieber And Austin Mahone Feuding Over Stolen Hairstyles?

Feud of the century, TBH.

Do you feel that tension in the air? You can cut it with a knife, right? Yes, it's true—there's a hair feud brewing between Austin Mahone and Justin Bieber. Time to gird your loins, y'all.

Over the weekend, Austin Mahone shared a photo of his new haircut—short on the sides but longer on the top.

Apparently, the cut may have looked familiar to Justin, who according to Just Jared, reportedly left these two comments on Austin's photo. JB may've prefaced his second comment with "All jokes aside," but, LBR, that first comment doesn't sound like a joke so much as a catalyst for a brawl.

While we haven't scrolled back far enough in Austin's comments to verify those notes from Bieber (yet!), the next photo Austin grammed would seem to serve as proof of the interaction. Austin's follow-up picture showed a side-by-side of himself and #BlondJustin, captioning the photo, "lol it's all good bro. Your new look kind of looks like my old one though."

We'll keep an eye out for any further developments in this battle—be forewarned, though—if you decide to style your hair in one of these very popular ways, Justin and Austin will probably call you out.