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These 'Harry Potter' Fans Just Played Quidditch In Batman's Backyard

Holy flying wizards, Batman!

Bruce Wayne is a man of many mysteries and curious tastes, between his eccentric billionaire hobbies like base-jumping, spelunking, fighting crime at night… and hosting huge amounts of "Harry Potter" fans at his house.

That's right: Batman loves "Harry Potter." At the very least, Harry will now be linked with Batman forever, as the DC Comics superhero's most recent movie mansion, Wollaton Hall, just served as the site of the second ever British Quidditch Cup.

Based on the "Harry Potter" sport where wizards and witches ride around on broomsticks tossing balls into hoops and attempting to end the game by catching the elusive golden snitch, Quidditch has taken off as a real-life sport, albeit without actual flying. But actual brooms are involved, as are injuries, with folks involved in the sport describing it as "rugby mixed with dodgeball," according to BBC News.

The not-so-high-flying sport drew 23 different teams for this year's British Quidditch Cup. Competitors and event organizers hope that setting the BQC at Wollaton Hall, which doubled as Wayne Manor in "The Dark Knight Rises," will raise the sport's profile. Having said that, the BQC organizers made a fatal mistake: Not inviting Batman to the game.

Neither the Batman Broomsticks nor the Wayne Witches were included in the mix at this year's competition. Perhaps it's because the teams would have had a clear home field advantage. It's too bad. But there's always next year; nothing will keep Batman from flying into a Quidditch match for long.