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M.I.A. Just Shared A New Song For All Her Hardcore Fans

The UK hip-hop artist uploaded 'Can See Can Do' to Soundcloud this morning.

This morning, M.I.A. took to Twitter to promise her fans a brand-new song called "All My People." That song still hasn't emerged, but the UK-based rapper and producer has unveiled another new single called "Can See Can Do" -- and it's a banger.

"Can See Can Do" is M.I.A.'s first new song since she released her last album Matangi in 2013. In her signature half-singing, half-rapping voice, she goes in over a squirmy, infectious beat.

Like much of M.I.A.'s music, this single has its share of political overtones. She raps about drones and destruction, but ultimately, the song is a hopeful one: "Want to get past history / Want to make a future with you," she sings.

Does this mean that a new album is in the works? Listen in to "Can See Can Do" below.