9 Scenes From 'Mockingjay' We Can't Wait To Rewatch On DVD

Flaming hovercraft for days.

Braid your hair and ready your hovercrafts, revolutionaries of Panem: "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1" is about to blow up your living room television with all the power of an incendiary arrow, as the movie finally gets its long-awaited DVD release today.

It's been months since we first saw Katniss accept her destiny as the figurehead of a revolution, one that will change her world, or claim her life, or maybe even both at once. And with the "Mockingjay" DVD in our hot little hands at last, we can't wait to watch these amazing moments again... and again.

  1. When it looked like Peeta had turned traitor.

    Watch this scene again, and pay close attention to the way that Peeta's collar literally looks like a dagger being held to his throat.

  2. When Effie gives District 13 fashion her own distinctive flair.

    Please let the DVD special features include a turban tutorial.

  3. When Katniss shoots down two aircraft with one arrow.

    We would buy the DVD just to watch this scene on a continuous slow-motion loop, forever.

  4. And then gives the most epic speech of all time!

    Serious question: Does Katniss sit around all day, thinking of awesome bad-ass things to say if she ever just happens to be on camera after reducing her enemies to a pile of burning wreckage?

  5. The tree-climbing scene.

    This mind-blowing moment needs a closer look, perhaps multiple closer looks. How? Why? Whaaaaat? Did we miss the part where the residents of this District are victims of a scientific experiment by the Capitol to interbreed humans with squirrels? ANSWERS, PLEASE.

  6. This pretty, pretty song.

    Much as we love the techno remix, this haunting version from the film is too perfect.

  7. Finnick's monologue!

    The problem with seeing "Mockingjay" in the theater: We were so distracted by the dramatic rescue in the Tribute building that we could only barely pay attention to Finnick, who kept the airwaves jammed by dishing all kinds of crazy dirt about President Snow and his oral garden of red, reeking sores. This time, the mouth sores are getting our full attention.

  8. When Peeta got 'jacked.

    It's not that we enjoyed the moment where Peeta goes HAM trying to strangle a bewildered Katniss, but we've still got to watch this scene again -- in the hopes of seeing a flicker of promise, somewhere in Peeta's eyes, that the baker boy we know and love hasn't been lost forever to the back alleys of Crazy Town.

  9. When Jennifer Lawrence performed the movie's most incredible stunt with no body double and no protective gear.

    Stuffing this cat into that bag? Forget the hovercraft shootout or the hospital bombing: This is the most intense damn thing you will ever see on a screen. Respect.