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Bobby Shmurda's Jail Interview Got Cut Off Once He Started Bashing Cops: Listen

That probably wasn't a good idea.

Bobby Shmurda has given one brief interview since he was arrested, but Thursday morning (Feb. 26), was the first time we've actually heard the Brooklyn rapper's voice since December -- and it doesn't seem like authorities were happy with what he had to say.

Shmurda phoned into Hot 97's "Ebro in the Morning," for just a couple of minutes before his phone call was cut off, and they were unable to reach him again.

He explained that he is currently in protective custody, and had been locked up with Rowdy Rebel since December, but "they just took him to the box" because "me and him had a little altercation with somebody, you know how that go."

The "Hot N---a" rapper was asked if the details surrounding the night of his arrest were correct, but he disputed the reports that he was arrested with weapons and drugs in his possession.

"Nah. What they hearing abut that night is bullsh-t, it's not true," he said. "The cops been out for me for forever. They been tryna slay me forever, but they never catch me with nothing. It might be four or five cops that night that grabbed me up, they told me, 'Yo I don't want my kids listening to your music, this and that...'"

And that was it.

Shmurda's line cut off, and it doesn't sound like he'll be getting much more interview time in the future.