Should A$AP Ferg Replace Ben Affleck As Batman? A$AP Ferg Weighs In

"Ben Affleck, I'm coming for your head."

Obviously, whenever it comes time for an iconic superhero to be cast (or recast) to lead a new franchise, half the fun is coming up with a laundry list of names that we think would do a great job in the role. One name that did not come up when "Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice" was announced was A$AP Ferg's, though the rapper insists that he's the right man for the job.

"Batman is way more smoother than Superman," Ferg told MTV News. "Batman is the type of dude who comes through with two girls, and then when there's a problem happening in the city, he transforms and fights crime. And that's me! I'm suave, but at the same time, I'll kill you in a battle."

Ferg also noted that the Batman from Christopher Nolan's iconic "Dark Knight" series, Christian Bale, did a pretty damn good job -- but he's not too sure about Ben Affleck.

"I don't know about Ben, man," Ferg continued. "He's going to have a lot to live up to, as far as Batman goes. Christian Bale had that look. He has a special look, like a specific look. It's very unique. He fit the Batman character really good. I should be the new Batman though, honestly... Ben Affleck, I'm coming for your head, cause you the new Batman."