Go Behind The Scenes Of Fifth Harmony And Becky G's 'Left Swipe Dat'

'What we’re trying to get across in this music video is that smoking is not attractive,' Becky told MTV News.

By now you've seen Fifth Harmony and Becky G's "Left Swipe Dat" music video (which is so catchy, you can't believe it's actually a PSA). The ladies lay it down with the Truth campaign, singing why smoking is just not attractive. In fact, in the video, we learn that on Tinder, you're likely to get double the matches if you're not smoking in your profile pic.

MTV News went behind the scenes of "Left Swipe Dat," getting the scoop from Becky and 5H about how they're trying to eliminate teen smoking, which is currently at a rate of 8 percent in the U.S.

"A lot of people post pics with a cigarette and [this song] is basically saying, 'Nope, onto the next one,'" Becky G told us.

The girls of Fifth Harmony had a lot of fun shooting the video, which featured a lot of our favorite YouTubers and Viners. "It’s cool because there are a lot of artists and social influencers who are a part of it," Ally Hernandez said. "So our generation can identify with that as well as the language."

"It's a fun way to do something positive," Camila Cabello added.

Watch the hilarious music video, and share it with your friends. You can help end teen smoking too. If you think about it, our generation can be the one that ends smoking forever.