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The New 'Furious 7' Poster Will Get You Revved Up, Bummed Out

'One last ride.'

It seems like "Furious 7" fans may have a very bumpy emotional road ahead of them.

The trailers released for the film as of late look awesome and action-packed, but of course there's a darker finality to this film that the others in the franchise don't have: actor Paul Walker died unexpectedly mid-production, and this is the final film his character will appear in.

The just-released poster for the film, with the tagline "One last ride," features a greyscale, stonefaced Walker and his co-star, Vin Diesel, who is looking down.

We're so excited to see what the whole crew has in store for us, but we're also dreading saying goodbye.


"Furious 7" hits theaters April 3.