Share These 'Daria'-Themed Valentine's Day Cards With A Loved One -- Or Don't, Who Cares

Is your heart swelling yet? It could be aorta trouble.

The strike of Cupid's arrow might feel nice at first, but have you stopped to consider that -- at best -- it'll most certainly do irreparable nerve damage?

This Valentine's Day, as lovelorn singles beg for dates and contrive connections with relative strangers over candlelight, why not embrace your solitude? Sure, a steak for two might be nice and splitting a Bordeaux could lead to a pleasant buzz, but when the bill's paid and the doggy bags are divvied up, the truth will always come to light:

Face it, guys -- at the end of the day, we're all just alone.

Thankfully, pioneer of autonomy Daria Morgendorffer has left us with a comprehensive guide to handling oneness, and though "Daria" has been off the air for years, the anti-heroine's lessons still speak as loudly as foghorns. Look back at some of her most memorable quotes collected as Valentine's Day cards below, and be sure to share 'em to your heart's content. Or don't, whatever.

Can you feel your heart swelling?

*~*~Love is in the air*~*~

Fairy-tale endings are just around the corner: