Severed Fingers And Ticking Timebombs: 'Eye Candy' Just Threw The Wildest Party EVER

Chances are, things aren't going to go as planned when the surprise guest is named 'Bubonic.'

In the classic teen flick "Sixteen Candles," Sam's crush Jake throws a party at his parents' home with disastrous results. And still, as wild as that epic big screen bash was, it's got nothing on the creepy gathering that was at the center of tonight's episode of "Eye Candy."

The fete certainly had dubious beginnings: When Connor's boss Hamish decided to throw a blowout focusing on the Flirtual Killer, he visited the Cyber Crimes Unit to obtain a permit -- and was met with disapproval from Tommy and crew.

"It's not a party for him," Hamish argued. "It's a celebration for the people of New York to show this lunatic that he can't hold the city hostage."

For her part, Lindy saw it as an opportunity to finally nab the madman. "Serial killers are narcissists," she said. "What kind of self-respecting narcissist would miss a party in his honor?"

So the bash was given the green light. Held at Sophia's super-cool club, it attracted an enormous crowd -- including the always-dashing Jake. But there was also an uninvited guest: Bubonic, a world-famous hacker who'd escaped capture by the Cyber Crimes Unit just a year ago. And apparently, he was ready to celebrate the anniversary in playful fashion: Over the club's giant video screens, a mysterious voice announced a special game in which participants could win loads of cash by doing specific dares.

In addition to just about everyone else, George was stoked; he quickly figured out that if people downloaded the app and took a picture performing the dare, the reward would be directly deposited into their bank account.

But Lindy didn't buy it, and she suspected that the Flirtual Killer was behind the shenanigans.

And "shenanigans" is an understatement. The game kicked off with innocent challenges: If you kissed your neighbor and took a photo of the smooch, you got $250. If you gave away your underwear, you earned $1,000. And a hefty $10,000 went to anyone who'd lick the sole of a shoe.

Then things got dangerous.

Anyone who punched another person won $25,000 -- and, suffice to say, violence soon erupted. Even Connor's kinda-boyfriend Oliver got a whack in the face, prompting Connor to flatten the perpetrator in an act of really cool revenge.

Then came the most shocking dare of all: cut off a finger to win $50,000. And get this -- somebody actually did it. Finally, the last dare was to steal someone's phone and hence steal their money. And if that doesn't ensure anarchy, we don't know what does.

As the party erupted into chaos, George was busy examining the malware; when he discovered something curious, he swiftly brought it to Lindy’s attention.

"I've seen this behavioral profile before," she said, looking at the computer screen. "It's Bubonic."

So who, exactly, is Bubonic?

"He’s a hacker," Lindy said, explaining that the mystery man started off as a good guy. "Then one day he turned bad, perpetrating a string of violent attacks." And it seems she and the hacker almost had a special connection: "I was going to work for him once," she revealed.

The evening went way downhill from there: As partygoers continued to go wild, Tommy got the crap beaten out of him thanks to Bubonic, Jake got chained to a timebomb, and Lindy, of course, struggled to save the day. Her quest led her to the basement, where our fearless heroine came face-to-face with the man named after a plague.

"Why are you doing this?" she asked.

"I thought it was time you found out who you're really working with. They’re murderers," Bubonic replied, explaining that the Cyber Crimes Unit had arrested his girlfriend and tried to make her reveal his identity. "But my girl wouldn't talk. You’d think she was strong, but really she was just alone and scared -- scared of what your Cyber Unit was going to do to her. She hung herself in her cell the next morning."

Despite his bitter rant, he handed Lindy his smartphone -- the one device that could stop the timebomb and end the now-dangerous game -- and fled. With it, she did both in the nick of time.

Soooo, Jake was saved, Tommy recovered from his ass-whupping and the party crowd calmly dispersed when -- duhhhh -- they realized no one won a dime. It’s a wrap, right?

Not exactly.

In a nearby alleyway, Bubonic then met up with -- drum roll, please -- Hamish. "Now that’s what I call a party," the hacker said. "Remember, you owe me one."

Whoa! So Hamish was in on it all along? And all of that mayhem -- severed fingers included -- was pretty much his fault? But the big question is, what does all this mean? Is Hamish officially one of the bad guys, or was he just trying to drum up publicity for his website yet again? Does Bubonic have a connection to the Flirtual Killer, or was he just helping out Hamish and getting revenge on Tommy in the process? Tell us your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to watch another episode of "Eye Candy" next Monday at 10/9c!