'The Nightly Show' Dares To Ask If Black Women Are Too Bossy

In which everyone takes their teabags and likes it.

Even for "The Nightly Show" and its commitment to brutal honesty, Wednesday's (February 4) panel discussion of black fatherhood was more than four brave men could handle -- especially when Larry Wilmore started lobbing questions about "bossy black women."

Guests Joe Jones, Common, Charles Blow and Mike Yard all got credit for "keeping it 100" (that's 100% real, for the uninitiated) on the first question, in which they were asked to choose between playing in the Super Bowl versus witnessing the birth of their first child.

As host Larry Wilmore points out, you can always have another baby. Playing in the big game, though: That might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

However, the follow-up debate was one that 75% of those present refused to participate in, no matter how hard Wilmore tried to extract some realness from his guests. The question: Are black men avoiding marriage because black women are too bossy?

Nope! Pass! Teabags for everyone!