Rachel's Baby From 'Friends' Has Transformed Into Two Fully Grown Teenagers

Emma, you look different!

Recently, the arrival of "Friends" on the Netflix scene has reinvigorated the Internet public's interest in the long-running '90s sitcom -- and with Internet interest often comes fascinating reddit threads, as is the case with the IMDB-happy redditor billnyeisjustok -- via Refinery29 -- who used his impressive talents to locate Rachel's baby daughter, Emma. What billnyeisjustok found might shock you, because not only did Emma grow into a beautiful young woman, she grew into two:

Ballerini Cooley Studios


But all jokes aside, twins Cali and Noelle Sheldon did grow up into beautiful young ladies -- both of whom continued to act after their stint on "Friends." MTV News contacted the girls' manager to confirm their internet-circulated identities, and they're 100 percent legit. Noelle last acted in the 2013 short "Maxwell," while Cali's last appearance was in the 2012 short "Agorable," alongside her sister.

Now, how do we locate that guy who played Chandler?