'Saved By The Bell Hooks' Proves Kelly Kapowski Is Even More Awesome Fighting The Patriarchy

The world is oppressive, this meme is not.

"Saved by the Bell" may not have been the most progressive sitcom of all time, but the amazing new tumblr page "Saved by the Bell Hooks" proves that even A.C. Slater can be a -- gasp! -- feminist when his iconic "Bell" moments are combined with thoughtful quotes by social activist bell hooks (real name Gloria Jean Watkins; no caps intentional).

Enjoy some of "SbtBH"'s best work below, as Kelly, Jessie, Lisa, Zach, Slater, and Screech abandon Bayside's heteronormative, patriarchal roots and embrace intersectional feminism... at The Max, of course.

... Crying until forever.