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New England Bae Matt Damon Weighs In On Deflategate: Watch

Did the Patriots cheat to get to the Super Bowl? Let's ask this unbiased observer.

Did Tom Brady deflate the footballs used in the New England Patriots' game against the Indianapolis Colts last week, allowing his team to win and move on to Super Bowl XLIX? As an unbiased observer who just happened to grow up in Worcester, Massachusetts, I have to say no, of course not, you dummy.

But, don't take my word for it -- let's ask another totally unbiased observer: Matt Damon. TMZ Sports caught up with Damon on Friday (January 30) to do just that.

When asked whether he thought the Pats' quarterback had a hand in #deflategate, the "Interstellar" star stated the true and real fact that the Colts were LUCKY those balls had less air in them: "I'm telling you, we woulda won that game 200 to nothing if [Brady] had his regular footballs on him."

You see? Case closed. Everyone shut up.

What's that? You're saying that Matt can't possibly be an unbiased arbiter of #deflategate justice because he's from Mass? You're saying that he's even wearing a Patriots cap in this video? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT DO YOU KNOW HOW RIDICULOUS YOU SOUND RIGHT NOW.

The cameraman also asked New England's human answer to Punxsutawney Phil who he thought would win the Super Bowl on Sunday. His answer? The Patriots.