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'Real World''s Next Generation: See The Former Cast Members' Camera-Ready Kids

The MTV alums have certainly gotten real -- with diapers and baby bottles.

Since 1992, a slew of young adults abandoned their lives back home to co-exist with a bunch of diverse strangers and, as a result, started getting very "real." As the years have flown by, those then-teens and twentysomething "Real World" alums have grown up and paved the way for a whole new generation of potential casties: their precious kiddos.

From Beantown temporary resident Sean Duffy to Key West transplant Paula "Walnuts" Beckert, take a look at some of the most memorable "RW" vets during their televised time -- and then get a peek of their offspring today. And be sure to keep watching "Real World: Skeletons" on Tuesdays at 10/9c!

Beth from "Real World: Los Angeles"

Then: The Ohioan traveled to the City of Angels for a taste of the entertainment industry, to get a fresh start with new people and to pursue potential career opportunities. By the end of her LA stay, she developed close bonds with Jon and Tami and feuded with Glen.

Courtesy Beth Stolarczyk

Now: After a slew of unparalleled "Challenge" appearances, B married Matt Ciriello and together they have two children -- six-year-old Julia and four-year-old Nicholas. In addition to raising her lovable kiddos, the Beverly Hills lady is currently focusing on mommy and business projects.

Tami from "Real World: Los Angeles"

Then: The outspoken 22-year-old's time in Tinseltown was certainly memorable: She was at the center of the first-ever "RW" eviction, she got her mouth wired shut as she dealt with body image issues, she was a generous caregiver to people living with HIV and AIDS and she bravely documented her decision to get an abortion.

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Now: The "Basketball Wives" star said "I do" to NBA player Kenny Anderson one year after her stint on this network; the duo -- who ultimately filed for divorce -- soon welcomed now-teenage daughters Lyric and Jazz (above).

Jacinda from "Real World: London"

Then: The seemingly sweet Aussie was trying to make a name for herself as a model living in Paris. But during her time in the UK, she ruffled some feathers with her roomies -- most notably after adopting a mischievous, untrained pup.

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Now: The accomplished actress -- her film credits include "The Namesake," "The Human Stain," "The Last Kiss" and "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason" -- tied the knot with fellow thesp Gabriel Macht in December 2004, and they have two precious kiddos: seven-year-old daughter Satine and little guy Luca, coolly modeling his shades, who will turn the big 0-1 later this month.

Sean from "Real World: Boston"

Michael Wall

Then: The aspiring lawyer was known for competing in lumberjack competitions -- and for hanging with pals Montana, Elka and Syrus in the firehouse.

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Now: The Wisconsin congressman met his wife -- fellow former "RW" cast member Rachel Campos -- on "Road Rules: All Stars"; shortly after their Winnebago adventures, they made their union official. Many bundles of joy followed -- the MTV couple has SEVEN adorable children -- and selfies at the Duffy household certainly rival Ellen DeGeneres' classic, star-studded snap from the Oscars.

Kelley from "Real World: New Orleans"

Jimmy Malecki

Then: The blond beauty was thick as thieves with Danny, but she ultimately spent most of her time outside of the house with her doctor beau Peter.

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Now: After her romance with the MD fizzled, Kel wed actor Scott Wolf in 2004. Now, the handsome pair are officially a "Party of Five": Jackson was born in 2009, Miller made his debut in 2012 and daughter Lucy -- in her finest Halloween attire above -- entered the family fold in May 2014.

Melissa from "Real World: New Orleans"

Michael Wall

Then: From her priceless imitations of her beloved parents Shorty and Mercy to her rousing renditions of roomie David's trademark tune "C'Mon Be My Baby Tonight," Melissa earned her spot as quite arguably the most hysterical cast member to ever appear on the storied series.

Courtesy of Melissa Beck

Now: The humorous Sunshine State native is a doting mama to two tiny mini-mes -- Maja and Shalom -- with her Glassjaw rock star hubby Justin Beck. Hopefully M and S are perfecting the art of channeling their parents -- just like their hysterical mother.

Coral from "Real World: Back to New York"

Jason Campbell

Then: The opinionated San Franciscan fought with Mike "The Miz" Mizanin during the early days of her NYC tenure -- and their race-inspired spat is regarded as one of the show's most memorable incident.

Coral Smith's Twitter

Now: After several "Challenge" victories, the popular (and take no s**t) MTV alum welcomed daughter Charlie Beatrice in June 2013. That TUTU!

Leah from "Real World: Paris"

Rudy Archuleta

Then: The fashionista had a tough time getting along with her fellow Parisian transplants -- specifically dudes CT and Adam, plus she had a rollercoaster-type relationship with pal Mallory.

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Now: The Long Islander is a proud mommy to three-year-old Griffin, but there's no Twitter/IG activity to prove whether or not the mother-son duo has ventured to the City of Lights for a visit to Leah's old stomping grounds.

Brad from "Real World: San Diego"

Zach Cordner

Then: The Italian-American flirted heavily with the always-effervescent Cameran and got arrested -- ironically on the same night as fellow housemate Robin -- for public intoxication. Two words: "Free Brad!"

Brad Fiorenza's Twitter

Now: After nabbing several "Challenge" runner-up titles, the born and bred Chicagoan married fellow competitor Tori Hall. Now, the "Cutthroat" champs have two beautiful boys: three-year-old John -- enjoying a lift from his papa above -- and newborn Chase, born last month.

Robin from "Real World: San Diego"

Zach Cordner

Then: The spunky party girl enjoyed a short-lived infatuation with roomie Randy and following a wild evening wound up in cuffs -- just like B.

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Now: The Tampa resident, who unfortunately boasts an 0-9 "Challenge" win record, has a five-year-old named Ethan and tiny peanut Raina. It's safe to say that Robin's beautiful offspring certainly enjoy a cozy snooze together!

Paula from "Real World: Key West"

Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

Then: P undoubtedly had some difficulty bonding with the other guys and gals in the house; eventually, she bravely opened up to them about her past struggles.

Paula Beckert's Instagram

Now: After notching two well-deserved "Challenge" victories, Paula became Mrs. Jack Beckert last April -- and the newly minted husband and wife welcomed son Atlas in July. It's an itty-bitty Walnut!