8 Celebs Who Love Pizza The Way Pizza Should Be Loved

It's a little slice of heaven for these famous pizza enthusiasts.

At the SAG Awards Sunday night, Sarah Hyland walked the red carpet with the must-have accessory for the young Hollywood star looking to make a bold statement.

Yes, we're talking about pizza.

This photo of Sarah arriving at the SAGs gives us more questions than answers (Whence the origin of the pizza? Did she find it on the red carpet, or did she pack it with her before she left?), but one thing is for sure: the "Modern Family" actress is joining the loud, proud legions of celebs who really, really love a good slice.

Below, we've rounded up eight more famous pizza enthusiasts who refuse to live in fear of getting grease spots on their couture.

  1. Tina Fey

    This entire-pizza-at-a-time scene was caught on film for "30 Rock," but let's be real, it's clearly not the first time Tina has done this.

  2. Brad Pitt

    Brad only has eyes for Angelina, unless a slice of pizza happens to be present, and then it's like, "Angie who?"

  3. Katy Perry

    This is the slice of cheese that you'll never, ever, ever take away from me.

  4. Patrick Stewart

    P-Stew was a latecomer to the wonderful world of pizza, but you can tell by the twinkle in his eyes that he's never going back.

  5. Kerry Washington

    Her raised hand says "Yes," but her facial expression says, "OBVIOUSLY."

  6. Cara Delevingne

    Eat it or wear it? Um, why not both?

  7. Jamie Foxx

    This is an angryface that could only result from pizza deprivation.

  8. And of course, Jennifer Lawrence

    No list of celebrity pizza-lovers would be complete without J-Law, who loves pizza so much that she namedrops it in basically every interview.