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Everyone Stop Procreating, The New Gerber Baby Is The Most Perfect Human

Seven-month-old Grace will steal your heart in a second.

It's time to face the facts: every single one of us used to be a sweet, precious little baby. However, since life isn't fair, some of us were cuter, sweeter and more adorable than others. But none of that matters now, because the world's most perfect baby has emerged into the spotlight: her name is Grace and she has changed everything.

Behold, the seven-month-old angel herself:


I have no words.

Little Grace was introduced to the spotlight by Gerber baby food's 5th Annual Be Our Baby Photo Search, and I think we all need to send the company thank you cards for bringing this darling girl into our lives.

Grace is from East Petersburg, Pennsylvania and beat out more than 180,000 other babies for the coveted spot—you can see why.

"The photo that won was taken only five photos from when I started taking pictures of her that day," Gabrielle, Grace’s mother said in a press release. Gabrielle has asked that the family's last name be kept out of press because of concerns for privacy.

"She must have taken her hands out of her mouth and posed them like that for a split second," her mother continued, "Because I didn’t even realize how cute she was posing until after I was completely done taking pictures and looking back at what I had just taken!"

So what benefits do Grace and her parents reap on account of her adorableness? The family will receive a $50,000 prize, one year of free Gerber baby food and, obviously, their daughter will have the opportunity to appear in a future Gerber advertisement as the 2015 spokesbaby.

Can't wait to see what this spokesbaby does when she's all grown up. My guess is she'll probably cure cancer and find a source of unquenchable happiness for all mankind.